December 2021



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Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2022

NEW PLAYER PERSONALITIES All new personality types allow each player, coach and general manager to have unique characteristics for you to manage and for them to interact with each other in the game. Each particular personality type has its own tendencies towards the game’s ratings in loyalty, motivation, consistency...[Read More]


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International Basketball Manager 22

Become the best basketball coach of the moment with International Basketball Manager 2022. Take your team to the pinnacle of the sport by managing all its day-to-day affairs with the seemingly endless array of management tools that the game offers you. Your team’s results will depend on you. Can you handle the pres...[Read More]


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Absolute Tennis Manager

Start your career by embodying an existing player, or create him from scratch in your image, and lead him to the most prestigious successes! To do this, you will have to surround yourself with a high-performance staff, progress on the technical, mental and physical levels, register for tournaments accessible acc...[Read More]