January 2017


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College Hoops Coach

College Hoops Coach is a college basketball simulator / management game. In College Hoops Coach, you take the role of a newly hired coach at the school of your choice. Your goal is to win regular season games, conference championships, and even the national championship! But with 60 teams total over 6 conferences, t...[Read More]


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PCFantaCanestro (PCF2017) Basketball

WHAT'S NEW IN PCF2017: * New User Interface * New Leagues: Iran, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Qatar and Panama * New Second Division for: Uruguay, Portugal, Latvia and Czech Republic * Basketball Champions League and Alpe Adria Cup * Club Facilities * Player's Agency * Online roster update * General Improvements ...[Read More]


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World Basketball Manager 2 (WBM2)

World Basketball Manager2 (WBM2), is a basketball strategy game that lets you take control of your favorite team and start an international career as a basketball manager. WBM2 is not just the latest additions to the successful WBM series, but a completely new game, based on a super fast engine and a friendly and simpl...[Read More]


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Basketball President Manager

In Basketball President Manager, you are named President of Basketball Operations to take control of the basketball team of your favorite city (30 teams). You were hired in difficult times. * Real managing, important decisions and challenges. You are a responsible President of Operations, who will handling the en...[Read More]


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Pro Basketball Manager (PBM) 2017

Much work has been concentrated on the immersion of the player in the role of manager, providing numerous custom messages. Scouting, recruiting, 2D and 3D matches were also remodeled. Pro Basketball Manager 2017 will also, for the first time, integrate the Steam Workshop that will allow players to easily exchange game ...[Read More]


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Basketball Agent

β€œShow me the money!” In this innovative basketball management game, you are an ambitious agent. Can you negotiate with GMs to get good contracts for your players? Do you have what it takes to handle a group of egotistical young players and shape their careers? Can you get them drafted and playing in the NBA? If you thi...[Read More]