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Review of Eastside Hockey Manager – Well worth the eight year wait

More than eight years after the Eastside Hockey Manager series was put on indefinite hold, the undisputed king of ice hockey management is back. A lot has changed since EHM 2007 was released in September 2006; not least the rise of the likes of Steam and social media. These platforms make niche games cheaper to launch and easier to market. Indeed, Eastside Hockey Manager: Early Access (or EHM:EA f...[Read More]

(Preview) The goods on Franchise Hockey Manager FHM2 (PC, Mac)

The well known team over at OOTP developments have arrived on a release date and what will be in store. At the moment it is looking like late-May 2015. OOTP will be attempting to make up for the first release of Franchise Hockey Manager through new features and code stability. Franchise Hockey Manager is best described as full of potential with a knowledgeable group of programmers to tap into. GM ...[Read More]

Interview with Anders Granberg of Game Plan Hockey Manager (Online)

Online versions of sports managers have been increasing in popularity in recent months. Although they will never be able to benefit being a member of Steam, they have the potential for very large user communities. This can lead to very fun multi-player experiences and often the games themselves may even be free. One of the most recent games to come around is Game Plan Hockey Manager. GM Games has ...[Read More]

First update on the FHM2 Dev Journey (PC, Mac)

As per Brad Cook, of OOTP Developments summarizing the development progress of Sebastian Palkowski. Early summary from OOTP Developments Over the past several months, we copied and pasted every forum post about FHM 2014’s GUI into a file and reviewed it. We took every comment to heart and reworked the new game’s GUI based on the β€œflat” look used by OOTP 15. Our goal was a shinier game with less cr...[Read More]

Web Sim Hockey goes Mobile

It’s been over a year since Web Sim Hockey 2 has been launched and they would like to thank everyone for helping them go through this transition period. You have efficiently assimilated the new features and your suggestions have helped them improve the game concepts when necessary. After this significant development had been achieved, WebSimHockey decided to go on with the community’s most p...[Read More]

Return of Logique Eclectic and GM Hockey Legacy 13-14

Below is a communication from JF Cabana, Developer, Logique Eclectic. “I am very happy to announce that I bought Logique Eclectic back. Following my departure in November 2012, I worked on the background on personal projects. I am now back full time to insure support and answer your questions. However, many things have changed. Some will please you, some won’t, but our main objective i...[Read More]

Franchise Hockey Manager 2014 Released

After months of beta testing Franchise Hockey Manager 2014 has been released to the public! Below are some of the features and screenshots from the first release. General Manager Games will be following up with a review in the near future. Click on the Official Download now to obtain a copy! Life as a General Manager This is as close as you’ll get to sitting in a GM’s office without dr...[Read More]

Update on the state of Franchise Hockey Manager 2014

July 13, 2013 – An update of the state of Franchise Hockey Manager 2014 has arrived from OOTP Developments. Jeff Riddols the producer has put out what can be expected. It’s an interesting read, see below. While most of the basic elements of the switch to a 2013-14 start are in place and working, the changeover exposed a few problems that we’re going to need to deal with, and ther...[Read More]

Version 2.0 of Web Sim Hockey is out!

March 22, 2013 – After over a year of blood, sweat, and tearsβ€”and fans going wild with anticipation, Web Sim Hockey 2.0 is finally online! It’s now up to you to enjoy! Enter into the new era of online hockey games thanks to the perfect mix between managing your teams and taking part in our buzzing online community. What’s new with Web Sim Hockey 2.0? – Pictures of real players thanks t...[Read More]

Franchise Hockey Manager 2013 BETA has been Released

March 5, 2013 – It has arrived. After much anticipation in the simulation community, the release of Franchise Hockey Manager Beta Edition is available for purchase. The idea behind the beta release and not a full copy is so hockey sim community users help test and work out the kinks. All this needs to get sorted before an official release at the start of the 2014 National Hockey League seaso...[Read More]

Screenshots from Franchise Hockey Manager 2013

The first set of screenshots from Franchise Hockey Manager 2013 has been released to the public. Here they finally are!      

The Beauty of Hockey Simulation

There are two things I’ve always loved to do. Follow sports and tell stories. From an early age — as soon as I could walk, really — I was playing sports, watching them on TV, and using my imagination to create worlds of my own. I loved playing the early console games: your early Maddens, the NHL 94 type games, Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball and so on. I played them so much that I wore ...[Read More]