List of sports management game news under the term โ€˜NHL’

Web Sim Hockey is simulating the NHL’s 2012-2013 season

Due to the NHL’s lockout, the 2012-2013 hockey season is definitely taking a hit. Hockey fans worldwide are, unfortunately, penalized by the entire situation. Web Sim Hockey, the popular online hockey simulation game that enables users to put themselves in the shoes of the GM of a professional hockey team, will satisfy hockey fans’ thirst for everything that is ice, goals, and stats. W...[Read More]

Franchise Hockey Manager – Historic Feature

The first Development Diary is a writeup on Historical Play in FHM from one of the researchers. Overview First, by way of introduction, my name is Jeff Riddolls. I’ve been working on Franchise Hockey Manager since shorly after the game was first announced; before that I spent several years working as researcher (among other things) on the NHL Eastside Hockey Manager team, and I’ve been...[Read More]

WebSimHockey: Officially Licensed by NHLPA

WebSimHockey is totally psyched! Web Sim Hockey is now an officially licensed product of the National Hockey League Playersโ€™ Association (NHLPA). How awesome is that? What does this mean? Web Sim Hockey is the only online simulated hockey game in the world (you read correctlyโ€”the world!) available under the NHLPA license. What does this mean for our fan base and GMs? Under the agreement, we will b...[Read More]

Web Sim Hockey partners with Laurentian University’s Sports Administration Program

Quebec City,ย Jan. 25, 2012 – The company Web Sim Sports INC., specialized in online sports gaming, launched a unique hockey simulator inย July 2009,ย Web Sim Hockey. (www.websimhockey.com) Web Sim Hockey is a multiplayer strategy game played entirely on the Web. The goal of the game is to manage a professional hockey team in every aspectsย : finances, drafts, trades, lineups, on-ice strategies,...[Read More]