Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020

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Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020
Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020

The first thing you’re going to notice is that we’ve taken the comments of our community to heart. Now our game will look the same no matter what resolution and its not going to leave empty space on the screen if you have something like a big 4k monitor. You’re going to get the same experience if you’re playing on that or if you take the game on the road on your laptop.

We’ve made the user interface even more friendly by offering a back button for navigation and redesigning the other navigational links. You can see that they are in clearly defined sections with the team links at the top, league links on the upper left and your own personal action links for your in game player on the bottom left. The team drop down at the top now will show you a name and a logo which will make it much easier to find the team you’re looking to navigate to.

You can see in the video a brand new screen right away – a team dashboard which serves as a one-stop hub for everything you need to know about your team. As we release more videos coming up to the launch you will see very thoughtful design went into redeveloping every screen to make things even more visually appealing and user friendly. You also saw one of the new in game cut scenes leading into the lottery. This is a really exciting addition that ups the presentation level in the game to a whole new level that no sports simulation has been to.

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