Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020

Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020

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Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020
Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020

We didn’t just tweak the number one basketball sim on the market…we tore it to the ground and have built the most incredible version to date! Everything has been looked at and improved to give you the best visual and gameplay experience you have ever had from the series. Let’s talk about some of what’s new for DDS:PB20.

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Let’s start at the most noticeable difference – the brand new UI. The interface gives you a very clean look that is super easy to navigate and offers many new touches such as the dashboard screen you see above which gives you many colorful charts to be able to look at information quickly and easily.

Everything has been redesigned with you, the player, in mind. Take a look at the brand new game screen – all of your coaching options are available at once now – no need to switch back and forth – and take a look at the lower portion of the screen and you’ll see energy meters for your players. No more having to pick out the right line in the stats chart to see what their current energy level is. Best of all those bars are color coded and will change to yellow and red to give you an easy to see indication of who needs a sub. You’ll find touches like this all throughout the new interface.

DDS:PB20 received much more than a face lift and a massive improvement in player experience. Here’s a look at one of the new additions – the Team Insights page which will give you a number of interesting new ways to view things including this chart which is showing a league wide display of players and their PER values according to their salary.

Some of the other new additions you just can’t talk about with a beautiful screen but we want to mention them. We’ve boosted the editing capability of the game to allow you to edit coaches in greater detail from within the game (all editing is now done in the commissioner office) and we’ve also added the ability to generate new coaches and players in case you feel like adding to your pool of coaches and players.

The gameplay has received some requested additions as well such as the generation of play by play game logs, valuing experience for players when it comes to the playoffs and the ability to change certain variables such as pace and three point attempts to allow you to better represent certain eras of play.

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