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DDS: Pro Football 2018 out now for PC

Wolverine Studios is proud to announce that Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2018 is now available. Brooks Piggott and his team bring you the newest pro football simulation for Windows-PC. [Contents of this press release has been compiled from the Wolverine Studios blog] Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2018 puts you in control of your favorite pro football franchise. You make the calls as you build y...[Read More]

Review of Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2016 – Is their first dance together a good one?

Reviewer’s Note: This game was reviewed using version 1.0.3 DDS: PF 2016 is the long-awaited American football text simulator from Wolverine Studios. The lead developer is none other than Brooks Piggott who decided to merge his Barcode Games’ Professional Football Simulator franchise with Wolverine Studios in 2015. The move seems to make a lot of sense as a seasoned developed in Brooks Piggott loc...[Read More]

Now Sharing Bowl Bound College Football 2016 Real Team Names File

Grey Dog Software has been active in recent weeks bringing attention back to the Bowl Bound College Football franchise. Version 1.62 has been released for the game. Although much of their focus has been on their successful MMA series, Arlie Rahn their lead developer knows of the loyal fan base that exists for BBCF. Grey Dog Software continues to get the word out on their products by pursuing avail...[Read More]

Review of Front Office Football 7 FOF7 (PC) – The reinvigorated brainchild of Jim Gindin

Front Office Football 7 is out to prove that we should never judge a book by its cover – or should we say, “A text-sim by its user interface.” Underneath the reams of text and uninspiring-looking menus hums a beauty of a pro football simulator.   Front Office Football 7 (FOF7) is the reinvigorated brainchild of Jim Gindin who first developed Front Office Football back in 1998. 17 years and 7 ...[Read More]

Sneak Peek Videos of Future Beyond the Sideline (BTS) Football?

Long before Beyond the Sideline (BTS) Football was announced from OOTP Developments and put the football simulation community on notice, there was an initial concept game named ‘Football GM’. The birth of BTS came from these early workings but exactly how far did Francis Cole (Lead Developer) get before joining forces with OOTP Dev’s and sharing the news? From the looks of the vi...[Read More]

Beyond the Sideline Football (BTS) Announced from OOTP Developments

OOTP Developments Announces Beyond the Sideline Football OOTP Developments today introduced Beyond the Sideline Football, the latest franchise in its ever-growing lineup of sports management games. The game is currently in development by Francis Cole, a former Sports Interactive programmer who worked on Football Manager and who is a lifelong NFL fan. “I’ve known Francis since my days w...[Read More]

From the ashes the new Front Office Football 7

We’re excited to share the information about the seventh installment of Front Office Football 7 from Solecismic Software, released on December 13, 2013. It is only available through electronic download. Front Office Football is designed to represent a snapshot of professional football as it exists under the current salary cap system. You play the role of the general manager of a team. In ord...[Read More]

PFS 2013 Rosters Released

The PFS player universe has been updated with 2012-2013 players and rosters. There is also a rough draft class in for 2013-2014. Pro Football Simulator now has players and rosters from 1950 all the way through 2013. There are also league formats that cover just about every professional league in history, including NFL, AFL, CFL, WFL, and the USFL. There are several formats that you can use to recr...[Read More]

Pro Football Simulator 2011 Review

Text based simulator games have been around for over 20 years and counting.  For years the genre was dominated by soccer and baseball simulators.  There has not been much in terms of American Football simulators.  Since Barcode Games joined the fold with Pro Football Simulator in 2009 there is a lack of competition. Sports Mogul does have their take with Football Mogul, but the real giant in the i...[Read More]