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Out of the Park Baseball 13 Released

2012 Major League Rosters You’ll love our latest roster set, which features not only up-to-date Opening Day rosters for all major league teams but also thousands of individually-rated players for all minor leagues. Can Yu Darvish propel Texas to the top of their division, or will Albert Pujols give Los Angeles the pop they need to win that race in the AL West? And that’s not all. We...[Read More]

OOTP Version 12 Released

OOTP Developments have confirmed the latest release of Out of the Park Baseball Version 12 for their customer pre-orders.   This has been confirmed by Brad Cook, head of PR for OOTP Dev on their Twitter.   @ootpbaseball OOTP Baseball – Emails with download links have gone out to pre-order customers! Everyone else will be able to buy in two days. Thanks! #OOTP 12. #mlb   And by...[Read More]

Sports Simulation Influences New MLB Playoff Format

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL UNVEILS PLAYOFF FORMAT CREATED BY COMPUTER GAME DESIGNER MLB Commissioner Bud Selig Announces That 2012 Season Will Feature Two New Wild Card Teams, Based On Several Years Of Research And Computer Simulation Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig expects the playoffs to expand from eight teams to 10 teams, for the upcoming 2012 season. Selig went public last fall with h...[Read More]

iOOTP 2011 Review

A must have game…..IF you have the iPhone               Think back a few years, kids were walking around with their flip phones, their discman’s and their Gameboy advance or whatever the cool handheld was back in the day.  Now you get all of these devices rolled into one on the iPhone.  For many American’s they...[Read More]