Jim Gindin

I’m Jim Gindin, a programmer living in Brighton, Michigan. I’ve always been fascinated with sports, and I’ve been designing games since I was old enough to roll dice. For a long time, I worked as a sportswriter, including six years part time at The Ann Arbor News while I worked my way through college. IBM was waiting when I graduated in 1991, and I moved to Durham, North Carolina. Three years later, I moved to the Seattle area to work for a smaller communications software company. And then I spent a year with a company called Computer Associates, a large programming house. These jobs gave me experience working with large projects. They also taught me that working as a junior member of large teams saps all the creative enjoyment out of programming.


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Front Office Football 9 (FOF9)

Latest from Jim Gindin on June 11, 2020. (From Solecismic Frontier Blog) I have most of FOF8 and a good number of exciting new features completed and a new framework in place. Almost all of the UI is completed. But we don’t have anything in the way of graphics, so it’s not something I can show off or finish in time ...[Read More]



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Front Office Football 8 (FOF8)

Custom offensive playbooks. Each year, during training camp, you can create a book of up to 200 offensive plays to use during the season. Of course, as with all the management features in Front Office Football, the game's AI can create a playbook specifically for your team if you like. New player participation c...[Read More]


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Front Office Football (FOF) 7

The new version of Front Office Football includes dozens of new features, designed to enhance your simulation experience. The new game features the following: Staff Members. You now have a five-man staff, consisting of a head coach, an offensive coordinator, a defensive coordinator, an assistant coach and a strength...[Read More]