Front Office Football 9 (FOF9)

Front Office Football 9 (FOF9)

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Front Office Football 9 (FOF9)
Front Office Football 9 (FOF9)

Latest from Jim Gindin on June 11, 2020. (From Solecismic Frontier Blog)

I have most of FOF8 and a good number of exciting new features completed and a new framework in place. Almost all of the UI is completed. But we don’t have anything in the way of graphics, so it’s not something I can show off or finish in time for a 2020 release. I’m still using place-holders, mostly from FHM as the UI is the same base as theirs, not OOTP’s. They are letting me use what we’ve created without restriction, and that is because all of us in this business root for and try and support each other. Will that happen? I don’t know. I am taking the time right now to evaluate Solecismic Software. Does growth make sense? Is it feasible to continue work within this new framework or would I need to start over? Do I leave the business entirely and get a “real” job. Everything is on the table right now and I honestly don’t know what the future holds.

Latest from Markus Heinsohn on June 11, 2020. (About Prior OOTP Developments Arrangement)

After a lot of thought and discussion with all parties involved, we’ve made the difficult decision to shelve the Front Office Football project as a part of the overall Out of the Park Developments product offering.

In full transparency, OOTP Developments has changed a lot since we first got together with Jim. The user bases for Out of the Park Baseball and Franchise Hockey Manager have increased dramatically, as has the need to support those titles. Our development roadmap is significant, including major additions to both games’ single player components and live services. We are also investing heavily in our mobile app OOTP Go. Our development resources are already maxed out and will be for many months based on all the roadmap items we have.

Simply put, we won’t be able to allocate the resources we need to deliver the Front Office Football product up to the standards that our fans expect and deserve for a long time, so we’ve chosen to go in a different direction. Jim Gindin is and will always remain a good friend, and we expect that whatever he decides to do next with his franchise will be extraordinary, and we will support him the best we can. We gave him full ownership to the current FOF9 code and wish him all the best moving forward. You will be able to follow him on his personal blog.

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