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Solecismic Software is an entertainment software company dedicated to producing cutting-edge career football simulations. We have two primary products available: Front Office Football, our professional football simulation, and The College Years, our college football simulation. A career-play football simulation focuses on elements of the game you won’t find in more traditional computer games. You’ll still see the action unfold on the field, and in Front Office Football you can even call the plays. But you’ll also build rosters, make trades, recruit from thousands of high schools, negotiate contracts and develop your school’s academic reputation. The games work together in forming an enjoyable simulated football experience. You can export seniors from The College Years into Front Office Football as draft-eligible rookies. The games work equally well on their own, as you’ll find yourself making hundreds of decisions affecting every facet of your teams.


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Front Office Football 9 (FOF9)

Latest from Jim Gindin on June 11, 2020. (From Solecismic Frontier Blog) I have most of FOF8 and a good number of exciting new features completed and a new framework in place. Almost all of the UI is completed. But we don’t have anything in the way of graphics, so it’s not something I can show off or finish in time ...[Read More]



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Front Office Football 8 (FOF8)

Custom offensive playbooks. Each year, during training camp, you can create a book of up to 200 offensive plays to use during the season. Of course, as with all the management features in Front Office Football, the game's AI can create a playbook specifically for your team if you like. New player participation c...[Read More]


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Front Office Football (FOF) 7

The new version of Front Office Football includes dozens of new features, designed to enhance your simulation experience. The new game features the following: Staff Members. You now have a five-man staff, consisting of a head coach, an offensive coordinator, a defensive coordinator, an assistant coach and a strength...[Read More]