Front Office Football (FOF) 7

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Front Office Football (FOF) 7

The new version of Front Office Football includes dozens of new features, designed to enhance your simulation experience. The new game features the following:

Staff Members. You now have a five-man staff, consisting of a head coach, an offensive coordinator, a defensive coordinator, an assistant coach and a strength coordinator. Staff members are responsible for scouting as well as player development. Offensive and defensive coordinators call plays. Strength coordinators help your team avoid injuries. Each staff member, aside from the strength coordinators, specializes in work with one position group.

Staff Draft. At the beginning of the year, you have the opportunity to sign any staff member who is entering the final year of his contract. After the resigning period, there's a five-round staff draft. The draft order is based on the previous year's franchise financial performance. The first round is for head coaches. You have the opportunity to skip your pick, keeping the current coach in place, or you can promote a staff member on your own team, poach an assistant from another team or select someone entirely without experience.

Staff Names. At the beginning of a new career, you have the option of using familiar coach names for your universe. Game Film. During the season, you'll have the opportunity to view the Film Room, which contains breakdowns of every game played during the current year. Run and pass selection is broken down by down and distance and personnel packages, as are defensive play choices.

New Contract Formats. Contracts are now limited to five seasons, and incentives are gone. Rookies are automatically signed, as the new league formats make a rookie's contract structure very specific. Rookies cost less, so you'll be able to spend more money on veterans.

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