Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2021


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Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2021


Do you want to live the excitement of March? Take control of your favorite school – recruit, gameplan, strategize and coach your way to tournament glory. Will you climb the ladder to cut down the nets? Will they talk about you with the other great college coaches? Achieve tournament glory and build a dynasty with DDS: College Basketball 2021.


As head coach you’ll do it all. Hire your coaching staff, choose your summer scouting plans, recruit all over the country and oh yeah…try and win some basketball games. How you play is up to you. Do you want to start at a small school, make a name for yourself and work your way up or do you want to start right off at the dream job hoping one day the arena of your favorite school will be named in your honor? The coaching lineage feature will even let you look in on all of your assistants to see if they’ve achieved glory on their own after learning from the master!


Choose your favorite school and get ready to lead them to tournament glory. Play season after season in this career based simulation. Every season brings new challenges from the board – not to mention new players as you continuously work to recruit the next star player. Marvel at the achievements in the historical archives so you can relive the excitement of past seasons. There’s nothing else that puts you in your own game universe like Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2021.

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