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Very Good

Review of Front Office Football 7 FOF7 (PC) – The reinvigorated brainchild of Jim Gindin

Front Office Football 7 is out to prove that we should never judge a book by its cover – or should we say, “A text-sim by its user interface.” Underneath the reams of text and uninspiring-looking menus hums a beauty of a pro football simulator.   Front Office Football 7 (FOF7) is the reinvigorated brainchild of Jim Gindin who first developed Front Office Football back in 1998. 17 years and 7 ...[Read More]


Very Good

Review of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 4 – Continued strides in every new version

The NBA has come calling, but you aren’t one of the freak-of-nature athletes that make a roster. It’s your brains they want. You’re here to run a franchise. Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 4, the newest entry in a franchise developed by Wolverine Studios aims to give you a platform to help build the next great dynasty in sports—to let you become the next Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, or G...[Read More]



Review of Eastside Hockey Manager – Well worth the eight year wait

More than eight years after the Eastside Hockey Manager series was put on indefinite hold, the undisputed king of ice hockey management is back. A lot has changed since EHM 2007 was released in September 2006; not least the rise of the likes of Steam and social media. These platforms make niche games cheaper to launch and easier to market. Indeed, Eastside Hockey Manager: Early Access (or EHM:EA f...[Read More]



Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP 16) Review – New levels of unimaginable depth

Right out of the gates with OOTP 16 users are greeted with a landing page which teases a cool new feature in this year’s game: official logos. This year’s iteration features all 30 MLB logos, over 150 minor league logos as well as historical MLB logos, as promised from the pre-launch press release. The powered by Baseball Prospectus logo is neat to see as well, not only as someone who interned wit...[Read More]




From the very get-go, one gets the sense that Out of the Park Baseball 15 is going to be an immersive experience. Just by virtue of selecting “new standard game” — one of eight different first screen options — the user is confronted with the decision whether to take the more standard path with a new league based on 2014 MLB rosters and schedules, or whether to choose between seven othe...[Read More]



iOOTP 2014 Review (iPad, iPhone)

Having already reviewed OOTP15, it’s certainly hard to know what to expect from iOOTP, the iOS version of the game created for enhanced mobility on Apple devices. As such, it is expected that this version would be considerably truncated from the PC version reviewed here. PC version review here. Knowing this is key in reviewing this game based on its own merits and what is possible for an iOS game,...[Read More]


Very Good

Review of Franchise Hockey Manager 2014 (PC, Mac)

In my first review for GM Games, I am going to provide you with an in-depth look at Franchise Hockey Manager (FHM) with minimum Patch 1.6+, a relatively new game offered by OOTP Developments. This review will include looking at some of the neat (and not so neat) aspects of the game, and then the outlay of the game. In a future review, I will break FHM down to look at it more in depth, and provide ...[Read More]


Very Good

Review – PureSim Baseball

It may be November, but if you’re anything like me, baseball is never far from your mind. And while console games like MLB The Show, and for many of you, the old MVP series, there are a great many players who are looking for something to fill more of the fantasy void. As a fantasy owner of eight teams, I feel your pain.   Insert PureSim5, a baseball simulation modeled after the OOTP series th...[Read More]


Very Good

Review – Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 3

Stats and analytics aren’t just for baseball nerds any more. The geeks have made their way into basketball.   Due to its endless statistics and 162 games worth of data, baseball has traditionally been the sport that was the most popular in the text sim world. With analytics and stats now taking hold in basketball front offices and the hoops blogosphere, could a basketball GM sim revolution be...[Read More]


Very Good

Pro Football Simulator 2011 Review

Text based simulator games have been around for over 20 years and counting.  For years the genre was dominated by soccer and baseball simulators.  There has not been much in terms of American Football simulators.  Since Barcode Games joined the fold with Pro Football Simulator in 2009 there is a lack of competition. Sports Mogul does have their take with Football Mogul, but the real giant in the i...[Read More]

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